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China Reflective Stickers

Product Name
Reflective stickers for cars
No worries during the Night
Car Decals / Stickers (Reflective) offer a great way to advertise your business during the night. We offer you full-color reflective decals, so that you don't have to worry about the time of the day when it comes to promoting your business. You display these decals in storefront windows, on yard signage, on places like entry and exit doors and on vehicles. These Car Decals / Stickers (Reflective) display the message clearly, when a source of light like the headlights of a car or street lights, is focused on it. The purpose of consistent bargaining is to emphasize your marketing message and to develop strong brand recognition. These things in turn serve to make the business more memorable. This is why we advise you to use our high quality vinyl Car Decals / Stickers (Reflective).
Affordable and of Best Quality
We produce our vinyl decals by making use of high-quality adhesive vinyl film which in turn reflects light. These decals can be placed on wood, plastic, glass and metal, among other good things. We produce these vinyl decals in different shapes, quantities and sizes. Our due cutting option can be used for developing custom shaped vinyl decals. The vinyl decals that we are using are much similar to aluminum decals or holographic decals. These are great options for promoting your business through the use of stickers.
Ensures Visibility of your Message
The function of Custom reflective decals is to enhance the design of your banner stand, in order to make it more vibrant. We specialize in producing custom reflective decals which are of high-quality, with full-color digital printing. This is done to create a marketing message which is unique so that the business gets the attention that it requires and deserves. We provide you with free templates so that you are able to deliver a truly inspirational message. Such messages increase the readability of your marketing message. You are also allowed to customize this according to your own needs
It is important to remember that light colors are better reflective when it comes to designing your own decal. However it is always better t maintain a color contrast so that your sign is more reflective.
Buyer's logo and designs are acceptable
CMYK + white, Pantone or PMS
Printing technique
UV Digital printing, matte/glossy lamination
Reflective sheet, Vinyl,3M vinyl, PET, foil, epoxy dome, nickel, paper
high reflecting rate to return the incident lights completely; high intensity reflective film with best quality for road signs and traffic signs. ,Colorful reflective (Our UV ink is transparent, after printing, it is still reflective.) UV resistant for outdoor 5-8years, weatherproof, two sides vision, writable, heat-resistant, million variable code or words(QR code +variable number let your all labels have their own ID), permanent adhesive, Scratch resistant, opaque, Eco-friendly, abrasion resistant, waterproof, oil resistant, etc.
Car bumper, truck, bike, motorcycle, Helmet, traffic signs, electrical lamp post, Power distribution box, Industrial workshop, pipes, public, traffic, Power generator, Lubrication oil bottle/drum, petrol tank, oil drum, fueling machine, Excavator, road rollers, garden tools, chemical, Construction Machinery, etc.
custom shape, Circle, square, rectangle, oval, triangle, kiss cut or die cut
Artwork format
Personalized design AI, PDF, CDR at least 300 dpi
Why choose us
•100% manufacturer
•18 years Rich label stickers production experience
•American UV digital Printing Machine
•Imported UV ink from USA
•3M, Avery, Ritrama, UPM big material suppliers good cooperation
•Strict Quality Control System
•Professional Design Team
•No MOQ (special for few quantity of each and many items)
•Punctual delivery 1-3days
•Excellent and Experienced Team
Please note that the above picture is just for your reference, for our service do not only confine to that picture. We can provide OEM service to customers, and produce according to their specific requirements. With the delicate design, fine craftsmanship, high quality, reasonable price, as well as the best service, you will feel like it.
If you want to get more details, please contact us.China Reflective Stickers

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